Experienced North Miami Attorney: Patrick Jean-Gilles, P.A.

Patrick Jean Giles, P.A. is a law firm serving the communities of Miami Dade and Broward County. We provide compassionate representation on a wide range of matters while maintaining constant communication with all clients.

Our firm’s main focus is probate law. We assist families with the legal process of distributing a loved one’s assets following their death. This includes tasks such as filing their loved one’s will with the right local court, assisting with valuing assets, settling debts with creditors, ensuring taxes are paid, and seeking the efficient distribution of property in accordance with the will. During this process, we work closely with the estate’s personal representative in order to help them fulfill their legal obligations. In the absence of a will, a personal representative is appointed and we move forward with the legal process.

Our firm also practices in other areas. In our traffic defense practice, we help South Florida residents with speeding violations, traffic infractions, criminal traffic violations, and red light camera violations. We also take personal injury cases to help those who were injured in auto accidents, slip and falls, or by medical malpractice. Our firm also handles loan modifications, immigration law, and landlord tenant matters.

We are ready to fight for your rights and to protect your family’s future. You can schedule a consultation through our website.