Personal Injury

personal-injury-attorney-miami-patrick-gillesAccidents can bring hardships that go far beyond the cost of initial medical treatment. An accident could mean needing lengthy rehabilitation or ongoing medical care, missing time from work, or even permanent disability. When an accident is caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person or business, that party is responsible for compensating the injured person for all of the associated costs.

Auto/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Florida has a large percentage of uninsured or underinsured drivers on the road. Legal minimum insurance policies may not even cover an emergency room visit for relatively minor injuries. Additionally, local insurance companies frequently fight paying out claims due to high levels of insurance fraud. Therefore, in many accidents involving injuries, it can be impossible to receive full compensation simply by filing an insurance claim.

Premises Liability

Stores, apartment complexes, and other public establishments have a duty to ensure that public areas are safe. Floors and walkways must be kept dry and free of debris to avoid slip and fall accidents. If an area has had frequent crimes, such as robberies or vandalism, additional lighting, visible security cameras, or other measures should be put into place to deter additional crime. If a customer or guest is injured due to the fact that a business failed to take these steps, the business may be liable for their injuries.

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